Monday, October 8, 2012

Welcome to the neighborhood,asshole

So finally we got our fair share of high-so-dumb-ass-rich kids in our street. How I know? He is driving a sportscar around as if he would train for a formula one race. The classic thing, you know: open windows, loud music, white muscle shirt (although no muscles), and this Thai style "you earthlings are so boring" look.
When I told him that this is not a racetrack, he just raised his shoulders meaning "i dont give a shit". This are the moments when I am happy that guns are not available here. I may have used it. He knows that he is protected and basically above the law. A hit and run would have no consequences for him, beside the hassle of bringing the car to the carwash.
The rich jobless kids of the government officials and big business families are the raising problem in Asia. Look at the bitch that killed a bunch of people in Thailand, the Hun Sen Nephew in BKK1 in Phnom Penh, who is violent and untouchable, the recently crashed son of a high ranking Chinese official who stopped his Ferrari in a wall. So Laos just fits in. In case you have seen the movie "At the horizon": it is just reality. And the original script saw the killer-turned-father going away as usual, but reality in Laos is written by authorities, so they insisted of a (ridicilous) jail scene.
The problem in developing countries is not hunger or poverty. It is the lack of law and civil society. Nothing will ever change as long as corrupt regimes will protect their siblings and BFFs. And still, local people are raised to just suffer, laying under the thumb for so long and trained to obey. Until a fruit seller can't make enough money anymore...

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