Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Statement of the Asian People Forum

So 1000 delegates signed a declaration. And they speak for all European and Asian People, although never selected, but carefully supported by NGOs and government agencies.

The statement:
*Asia-Europe People's Forum gathered 1000 citizens in Vientiane
(Laos): "We demand a people-centered world not a system based around
deregulation of markets and increasing power of multinational cooperations"

Not a word that the deregulation was actually done by governments. Companies can only go as far as the law allows. But politicians who bow to lobbyists instead of voters may create laws in favor of those who give them
money instead of those who elected them. As you can see in the US and Europe now.

And of course NGOs and government agencies criticise companies, because guess who is paying them? Right, governments.

These summits are a waste of money, they have no impact at all. (Beside the fact that the participants had a nice trip and time here, at least I hope so)

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