Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Social marketing Lao style

So I received this email today. (I anonymised the name of the place, it doesn't matter who it is).

We need you to help us decide what has to change at XXXX. You have the power !

Let us know what you like and don t like about the restaurant and we will do the modifications accordingly.

No taboos, tell us the blank truth......

1. Do you like XXXXX Restaurant?
2. Why?
3. What would you change to the current restaurant?
4. Do you think we should change the concept (yyyyyyy food)?
5. What type of restaurant is missing in Vientiane and could work instead of XXXXX?"

I was asking myself how desperate the people in charge must be. They just publicly (all recepients in cc instead of bcc) admitted that they are in such trouble that they even consider to change the concept of the venue.

You think it's smart to be that honest?

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