Thursday, October 25, 2012

Laos slightly better in doing business, but still bad

Just saw the new index for the ease of doing business. Laos made it 3 ranks up, but it is still bad. Improvement came mainly from the parameter of starting a business (but ask myself if this is meant for a 100% FDI?) and trading across borders. Rank for protecting investors is 185, and in all other fields Laos actually dropped.

Of course the relevant organs will praise the jump. If you are interested in starting a business, better have a closer look at the data here. This site gives also some good information about the processes of doing business here. What you need to know is that this tables just mention the official data. For example, even if you can go to court in a dispute, it doesn't mean this court has the same standards as in other countries. Also, the tax department can be quite creative in what kind of taxes apply to you, and expect a lot of expenses for lawyers.

If you take a look at the contributors you will see that these are the most competent ones you can find here:

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