Monday, October 8, 2012

Ban Kai: new small and nice restaurant in Sokpaluang

So we living around VIS have a new restaurant to go: It is called Ban Kai (or Ban Gai) and as the name says it is about chicken. But it is actually more.

Not only it looks nice and clean and the owner speaks English, it also has an outstanding menu.

For Breakfast (examples):

  •  Vanilla and Cinamon French Toast

  • Ban Gai Biscut Egger Sandwich (Hot buttermilk biscuit sandwich with scrambled egg, sausage and cheese with Fresh Cream Gravey) 

They also serve a perfect coffee latte (made with the famous Benoni aka Le Trio coffee beans)

Breakfast is served all day, by the way.

Lunch special for now is 25.000 KIP including Fried Chicken Strips or Hot Wings, Sweet potato French Fries or Fried Rice or Sausage Bacon Cream Gravy and softdrink for 5000 extra.

I tried the Fresh Roasted Chicken baguette with fresh cream sauce, and it was amazing.

Give this place a try, it is worth a visit and they have for now promotions, like a latte for 12.000 KIP.

It is located opposite HHI appartments, a few meters from the German Embassy.

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