Friday, October 26, 2012

Landmark Mekong Riverside Hotel soon to be finished?

Wasn't it meant to be the hotel for the delegates of the ASEM summit that will take place in two weeks from now? Although from the outside the Landmark Mekong Riverside Hotel (formerly know as Grand Mekong?) looks pretty inside, I have no idea how it looks from the inside. I heard that 50 percent of the roms will be ready for the summit, guessing from the progress so far it might be even more.

In a country where it took 5 years to build a city pillar it is quite impressive to get a hotel this size build in 78 months. Since the recently opened Dork Jumpa Hotel (!) caters toatally the Chinese market, I am wondering what the Landmark is targeting at.

In August Laovoices had a story about the progress, where the owner was quoted :
"Ms Orlathay said that once construction of the Landmark Mekong Riverside Hotel is completed, the hotel will be one of the luxurious places to stay in most Vientiane. The hotel will be equipped with all facilities needed to meet international five star hotel standards."

I just wonder how they will assure that the service is five star as well - this is actually the bigger challenge. It is mentioned, that "At first, there will be both Lao and Chinese staff working at the hotel,” she said, adding that after the Lao employees had been trained and developed quality working skills, they will be promoted to hold more important positions." but I am not sure that the Chinese staff is able to train the locals properly (in what language, for example?)

Anyway, I am still positive to get a first five star hotel to town, with international standard. Let's see when ordinary people are allowed to visit it.

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