Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Poacher killed, Elephant as well

What a sad story:

A shootout between a gang of poachers and elephant handlers in Laos left one man and one pachyderm dead, news reports
said Tuesday.

The gang allegedly attacked the mahouts at midnight on August 9 in Hinheup district, Vientiane province, in an attempt to slaughter four elephants for their ivory and body parts, district governor Chanpaeng Douangphachan told the Vientiane Times.

Chanpaeng said the poachers fired upon the mahouts, sparking a brief shootout before the elephant minders fled and informed authorities. When police arrived at the scene they found one dead poacher and one dismembered pachyderm.

"From our initial investigation, we have learnt how the poachers worked together as a gang. We are quite positive that the details we have about the dead man will lead us to tracking down his friends," Chanpaeng said.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Useful information for Expats in Laos

Ok, I think its time enough to share some information for other people who want to move to Laos.
1. J&C Real estate is strongly recommended. They also offer a welcome package. Rents for a house are between 500 USD and 2000 USD
2. The best medical service is a the french clinic that belongs to the embassy (but is not at the same location).
3. Motobike rent is around 70.000 KIP a day
4. There are some supermarkets with nearly everything you need. Phimphone next to Joma Coffe shop, another Pimphione, the citimart next to the shell gas station, but also have a look on the M-Marts and the supermarket at the ITECC.
5. Walking the dogs: Is best done on the riverside close to the presidential palace and in the That Luang area.
6. Jogging: Join the locals in the morning at Patu Xai.
7. Cinema: There is no cinema with western movies.
8. DVD: You get the everywhere.
9. German food: Luckily no German Restaurant, although Khop Chai Deau has pork leg.
10. Driving a car: You need a driver licence. Driving within the city is quite safe (and slow).
11. English News(papers): Vientiane Times and Laovoices.com

Any more questions? Ask me.