Monday, August 20, 2012

Sinouk Cafe opens branch at riverside

Having coffeshops already on Samsenthai road, at Home idea and Thalat Sao malls, Sinouk Cafe just opened a new branch at a prime location: On the riverside, next to the M-Point-Mart.
I was always a fan of the Scandinavian roast and the Italian roast from Sinouk, but never got it in the shops for a latte since they only served French roast, what is too bitter for my taste.. So I wrote to Sinouk (yes, the CEO), and he answered me within hours, promising to advice his staff to brew any coffee Sinouk has in his selection.
I am really impressed about the quick reply as well as the action he immediatly took.
This morning, I gave it a try: The shop itself is like the others, furniture is okay, but not fancy, outside seating propably the best place for a coffee in town (once the trucks disappearing it may even get better).
I ordered my Italian Roast coffee and I got it. Staff speaks English, is very friendly, coffee is good, so are the croissants - all ingredients in place for a perfect morning breakfast. Enjoy yourself!

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