Thursday, August 23, 2012

Old Thalat Sao to be demolished soon

Everyone was asking why the hell they started building a new shopping mall around a old one. But thats they way they do planning in Laos. Anyway, now they decided to finally demolish the old Thalat Sao, forcing 400 sellers to move into the Malls 1+2. I am wondering where these 400 shops are since Mall 1 is full already and in Mall 2 I can't see this ammount of empty shops. Anyway, selection of products will remain small, quality extreme low.

Vientiane Times told us some numbers about the rent today (for the new Mall):

"Vientiane authorities, Talat Sao Shopping Mall Company, and merchants met to discuss contracts and rental fees at the mall. At the meeting they agreed to exempt the rental fees for relocated retailers for the first six months, but after that they will be required to pay US$150 per month.

In the second year, the company will charge US$200 per month and US$ 300 per month for the third year. The rental fees for the following years will be adjusted according to GDP of the country. The investors will be required to pay the government about US$1.7 million for property compensation."

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