Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DECIDE provides data from Laos

A project paid by the Swiss government called DECIDE shows data about Laos in a nice and fancy way. The website says:

The Lao DECIDE info project strives to stimulate
data and information sharing among sectors and
administrative levels towards improved evidence-
based socio-economic planning and decision-
making in the Lao PDR.
Through a set of tools and procedures, the project
actively promotes the availing of spatial and statistical
data - initially from the Lao national Population and
Housing Census 2005 - in various formats to users
with a variety of individual needs.
You can zoom into maps, compare at least two maps and get data from Migration to Female Head of Household. Downside is, the Data is from the 2005 census (but I was told data from 2011 is on the way), and it is provided by the Department of Statistics, so I am not sure how reliable it really is.

Anyway, that's kind of the only data available so far, so if you register, you get access to more tools like a GIS viewer where you can create your own maps.

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