Sunday, August 12, 2012

Emergency exits in Children Hospital locked

Careful parents when visiting the Childrens Hospital at the Mitthapap Hospital. The doors at the main entrance facing the street are locked, although they are emergency exits. I also found emergency lights pulled off the power plug.
The childrens hospital, constructed with the support of Korean taxpayers, seems to be another example that Lao authorities don't care about these gifts, they just let it run down as any office here and then beg for a new one.
This main door is locked with a padlock.

Power is plugged off.

In this particular case they even risk the death of tens if not hundreds of people in case of a fire, because when I was there only a small backdoor in the ground floor was open. There is no excuse for that, everyone should be aware of such security risks and act. For me, publishing it in my blog is may way of acting.

I saw this once in Vietnam at Medical Family Care, when doors were locked as well and fire exits blocked. A day after I mentioned this, the problems was solved and the management apologised.  Unfortunately I couldn't find a website for the Korean-Lao Childrens Hospital.

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