Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Crackdown on (certain) foreigners in Laos

So here we are, the big clean up starts: Yesterday the VT reported that beggars will be brought to a certain center before and during the ASEM summit, to clean up the streets and put some rouge on it.

Now the crackdown on foreigners starts:

Hawkers, nail cutters, beauticians, scrap metal collectors, vegetable and seafood vendors in markets or doing other informal work will not be allowed to stay.
Most of them are Vietnamese. Interesting is, that the Chinese workers for the ASEM facilities are under special regulations.

Also, Foreigners found owning and operating businesses such as wholesale or retail shops, tailors and livestock farms without business licences can apply for legal documents if the value of the business amounts to at least one billion kip.

What isn't mentioned in the recent VT is the new law that will take place soon, where foreigners can only stay 4 years and have then to return to their home country (so the Lao government can force me to go to Germany?).

I wonder what kind of consultants wrote this laws? It reminds me a bit to the Vietnamese Labour Law.

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