Sunday, June 10, 2012

A new Lao food creation: Blue Chili sandwiches

Living in asia is heaven for those who love food. There is no limit in local dishes. I myself love cooking, love to try new things, but also like to create new things. Whenever I went to a Lao restaurant, the food is always the same. It is good, but nobody (or at least the majority) prepares dishes the same way as the cook in the neighboring restaurant. Because that's how people did it for a long time. More than half a year ago, I was chatting with my friends Hans about street food. I once had the plan to sell sausages in Saigon, but gave up, mainly because I had no idea where to get good sausages from. So we talked and joked, and suddenly I had the right idea: The Luang Prabang sausage is one of my favorite dishes. Why not stick it in a sandwich like a hot dog? But instead of ketchup or mustard, I wanted something special: Lao salad. It took me six months, to find the right sausage supplier, to get a cart build where the sandwiches are made and sold, to work on the recipe to assure every sandwich is the same - and finally find local partners to realize it. (A big thank you to Nini and Bebe, who believed in it and who are now the proud owners). Meet now Blue Chili Laos, a new fast food concept. The first cart is right now in front of Wine 95 on Settahthirat road, but we may move along this road back and for the next weeks. From 10am to 3pm we are selling three different sandwiches: - With Laap - With Papaya salad - With Cumcumber salad We will have special editions coming soon! And we do have a Facebook page: Please like us and let us know, what you think about our products.

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