Thursday, June 28, 2012

Insurance for car, home and content in Laos

When you move to another country, one concern is always if there is any reliable insurance company. While insurance for your car and motobike is mandatory, it is up to you if you insure house and contents by your own. My advise: Do it, and not just for your own stuff, but also for the house. The owner is required by law to have his onw insurance, but laws do not count much here. So where to get an insurance? We do have two companies I can recommend: There is AGL, Allianz Group Laos, what belongs to the German Allianz Group. Their office is located in the ANZ building on Lane Xang Avenue. Just go to the second floor, the staff there speaks English and is very helpful. For some reasons their fees are higher that TOKO.TOKO is a local company, but also popular in the expat community. You can go straight to their office around the corner from True Coffee at Setthathirat Road, and get your things insured.For your home, you should have insurance for the building, also fire, water, burglary, electricity damage and damage to neighbors or third party. Make sure you have the name of your village, the house adress, maybe a screenshot from Google Maps Satellite view, Name and adresse of the house owner, your passport and work permit with you.

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  1. Thank you so much. I was fooled by such agent in Vientiane and the next time I go straight to the Toko office, much better prices.