Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ASEAN shopping mall and others

It seems Vientiane want to become the capital with the most shopping malls in the regions. Current projects are the ASEAN shopping mall, That Luang mall, Regal mall, CAMCE, Ce la Vie and World Trade Center. ASEAN mall recently announced their opening on July 22nd, and I was confused why I could have missed a new mall. It isn't a new one: ASEAN mall is not far from ITEC on T4, and it is there for 2 years already. Don't get fooled by the shiny pictures you saw in the business edition of the Vientiane Times - this was the architects sketch. Reality is quite far from it, it is another dark, small shop based conglomerate of Asian style shop houses under a huge but ugly metal roof. Pictures show the ASEAN mall entry and the That Luang mall, where constructions doen't go forward that much.

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  1. Hi, I am there and things are not that different to the last year tho. BTW I am working with a firm who is consulting for a company, who is willing to make a modernized (cleaner / brighter)city here in Vientiane... so I am hoping whenever you will visit next time ... you will experience betterment!
    Bushra Aman