Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Haircut: New places, no service

When I was driving around Samsenthai road recently, I saw a new sign advertising a hairdresser "Bangkok style". So I wanted to give it a try and went there today, 9.30am as the opening time was written on the signboard. Of course it wasn't open. I am a nice guy, so I tried again 30 minutes later. It was kind of open. The girl inside was rearranging the stools, but only with one hand, because the other hand had to carry the fashion magazine she was reading. Of course she was now way to busy to notice me.

A friend suggested me then Freesia, a place next to one of my favorite coffeeshops Cafe Nomad. You have to take your shoes off, what is usually a nono for me - I am not leaving my 100 USD shoes unattended outside - where is no cover from rain as well. Only one staff was there, running to the door to open for me, but that was the first and last contact. She was busy dryblowing the hair of the old lady who I was guessing was the owner of the mercedes in front. More important than me of course. Unfortunatly the girl was the only staff, so no one was taking care if me: no water, no price list, not even "wait a moment" (in any language). I left after five minutes.

It is still an exception to be treated well in Laos, in particular fancy shops - usually owned by rich kids, or better kids of rich parents - are not interested in customer satisfaction at all. That combined with the experience of a non-capitalistic system, where
you as a seller had more power because there was no other choice for the customers, leads to bad business habits.
I still recommend the Star Barber next to Joma Ponthan, where staff is friendly and prices are reasonable.

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