Monday, June 25, 2012

2nd Vientiane Career Fair

It was a huge success last year and they do it again: The Vientiane Career fair attracted a lot of companies and young people seeking for opportunities, and it was and is a good place for human ressources. Don't miss it. I quote the description from the facebook page:
We are pleased to announce that our 2nd Annual Vientiane Career Fair will be held on June 30 to July 1, 2012. We welcome any company, NGO, non-profit organization, and educational institution to join. Last year, about 25 organizations participated and over 2,000 visitors attended over two days! Even if your organization is not currently looking to hire, you are still welcome to join to allow visitors to learn more about your organization. Admission is FREE! Just bring copies of your CV. Lucky draw prizes and events throughout the day! For more information or to sign up, you can: 1) email us at, 2) leave a comment below (and a VCF organizer will contact you), or 3) call 020 5500 2056. Hope to see you there!

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