Thursday, May 31, 2012

Benoni Cafe - my choice for lunch and coffee in Vientiane

In case you want to meet me there is a good chance to see me during lunch time at Benoni cafe. It is located upstairs fo the Phimphone Minimart and belongs to the same owners. They served coffee and small snacks before downstairs, but a year ago they decided to extend to upstairs - what was a good decision. What you get here, is Asian food from Pad Thai to Chicken with noodles and veggies, but also mouthwatering sandwiches and baguettes (the Mediterranean baguette is my favorite). Also recommended is the salmon burger with home made french fries. Salmon burger Talking about drinks: The coffee is home roasted and considered on of the best in town - if not THE best. Also delicious the freshly made fruit juices. In case of lacking calories, try the cakes - my choice si the apple crumble cake, but cheese cake and lemon tart are favorites as well. The crowd is Lao people and foreigners, pretty much fifty-fifty. During lunch it is getting busy, come 12 sharp and you may get a table, or after 2pm (kitchen ist open until 5pm).

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