Thursday, July 5, 2012

Leaving your car at Udonthani Airport for some days

So you are planning a trip to Bangkok and decided to book one of the cheap Airasia or Nok Air flights instead the overpriced Lao Airlines? Good decision, because you may even save time with immigration since it works on the Friendship-Bridge still faster than Suvarnabhumi Airport. Going to Udonthani is easiest with your own car. But where to leave it? At the airport. Just pass by the terminal and an the end turn right. You see some parking slots with a plastic roof, there is also a car wash. There you just look for an empty slot, a parking guard will give you a ticket and - surprise - will put a chain with a padlock on the car. It is actually a quite easy and smart way to make sure it won't get stolen too easy. Costs are 3 USD a day, you pay at the limousine counter in the terminal upon arrival, showing the parking ticket.

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  1. any alternative in case the secured covered parking is full? is there any "park and fly" establishments in udon thani?