Wednesday, May 2, 2012

No jobs in Laos?

When I talk to business people, the biggest complaint is always "no staff" available. Human ressources is a big issue in Laos, for several reasons. The Vientiane Times was running a piece about Lao people complaining about not getting a job, saying it is the lack of experience why companies prefer foreigners (can't link to it since VT is behind a password wall). A quote:
It's not just new graduates who are in trouble; others are also complaining about how hard it is to find a job. This is a reflection of the fact that a significant percentage of Lao people have not benefited from the growing local and foreign investment and strong economic growth.
So, why they don't get the job? First, yes, it is a lack of experience. Instead of just starting to work, people here study and study and study, focussing on certificates (which are worthless), but not on actual experience. Then, it is a total lack of reality check when it comes to salaries. College graduates demand way to much money considering the fact that they don't know anything (sometimes not even what the company they apply for a job is doing). And: Lack of motivation and dedication. If you think from the beginning the company ows you something, you may be on the wrong path. On the other hand, local companies also have to improve. They have to train and develop staff, supporting them ind trusting in them. Better business skills apply to bosses as well. But, help is coming:
Officials say one of the major challenges for job seekers is their lack of skills compared to people from other countries. The government has acknowledged the problem and increased its education budget, hoping to train more people so they can find jobs and benefit from the burgeoning economy.
Sure, more budget means better education... what about just changing the curriculum?

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  1. Hi Thomas,

    Nice post. After interviewing dozens of candidates i find it quite surprizing that none of them has any idea of what they applied for, what company information they are supposed to have and what salary expectations they can have. One of the candidates (a fresh grad)expressed his desire to make $ 10k when asked about salary expectations.

    Generally, i see lack of motivation to grow, learn or be ahead of others. All these 'lacks' lead to no attention to self improvement or skill set development.