Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Black Canyon Coffee opened in Vientiane/Laos

And finally it's there: Announced a long time ago Black Canyon Coffee, the Thai coffeeshop chain, finally opened it's first branch in Laos. Located in Ban Sihom at Samsenthai road, it has the usual menu and seating downstairs and upstairs. Tomorrow (Thursday) is the grand opening, so be prepared to meet a large crowd (I guess Cells will perform). Personally, I am quite happy since we have another chain that ensures quality and supply of food and service - something many other restaurants still struggle with in Laos. For me, the coffee isn't the best, but I kinda like the food. So, give it a try.
UPDATE: Looks like they running into some problems. Food comes late (still delicious), and my friend found insects in the salad. More concerning, staff and management doesn't care much but goes into ignore mood (means checking emails on laptop or iphone). Looks like someone has to pull out the Black Canyon Handbook again and staff (and manager) have to go back to class.


  1. went to 2 times to bcy , services is poor maybe victim of their sucess, but i can speak for myself this is teh last time for me even the place is ok.employees seem to do not care, wait long for your food , even a bottle of water takes ages.if nothing changes i think after a couple of months they ll be in trouble.

    1. Second time we waited one hour, third time everything was perfect. Maybe takes a while.