Sunday, May 6, 2012

Boring Sunday with surprises

There is not much to do on a Sunday in Vientiane if you want to stay in town. So the little things make your day. For example an hour in a spa. So we went to Nirwana Spa, or more precisely in front of it. The second we went off our car a girl cam out and told us to move the car " a little bit". When I asked why, she said the boss said so. When I asked why the boss want us to move the car, she said because people can't see the Spa. So first of all, the entrance is basically blocked by the staffs motobikes.I even parked my car a way the can easily leave. Second, Lao government repeatedly reminded business owners that they have no right to block space in front of their shop. Third: I guess there is a reason why Nirwana offers discounts between 9am and 4 pm - because it is not busy. So I asked the girl and the boss, if it is more important for them to move the car "a little bit" or having to customers and 50 USD in the cashier drawer. Of course they decided that customers not following their orders can't be customers, and we left. Dalah Spa (off Khuvieng Road) on the other hand has much parking space, provides you fresh cool towels and a warm greeting, offers the best massage in town, fruit and tea after the massage and a clean and beautiful environment. They saved us the day.

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