Monday, May 14, 2012

Dog killers in Vientiane

Last night some criminals killed a neighbors dog when they attempted to break in. They threw in some poisoned food, and one dog didn't survived it. Since there where about 5 other dogs on the property, the burglars left. This is sadly a quite common story. In the last 2 years at least one dog was stolen in our street, in the last 2 months we had 4 break-ins in our village. The latter is something that comes with development, so I just protect our property as best as I can. But when it comes to dog poisoning, my patience is gone. Not only that poisoning shows what cowards this people are, it also targets innocent creatures. Police don't care, of course, have't seen a more useless institution like the Lao police. So, in case I can catch one of these guys who try to break in here, be assure, he will be no threat anymore.

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