Sunday, February 3, 2013

Police report on Sombaths disappearance

There only two paragraphs worth quoting from todays Vientiane times article about the police report regarding Sombath Somphones disappearance:

After having interrogated the traffic police who were working at the car checking area on that day, it was reported that there was a regular random check on cars on daily basis and they could not remember whose cars they have checked and which one belongs to whom as they have checked many cars each day. After checking the documents and when all documents were found correct, they then returned them to the car owners and allowed them to go according to the rules and regulations. They also confirmed that in the area under their responsibility during the time of reported incident, the situation was normal and there was no any incident of fighting or violence occurred and no car or individual was detained....

Until now Mr Sombath Somphone the reported missing person, has not yet been found and no further evidence and information concerning his missing obtained.
2. The authority does not detain him. The Police authority has lent its full cooperation starting from authorising the viewing of the CCTV footage to the conduct of the search and investigation. The instructions from the leadership of the Ministry of Public Security demonstrated its sincerity on the case, contrary to the accusation made by some organisations and groups of bad elements. If the missing of Mr Sombath Somphone really happened, it might be due to personal conflict or business conflict or any other conflicts.

So, it means that Sombath wasn't forced and did not inform the police officers. That means he either knew his abductors or he was aware that it would not be helpful to inform the nearby police.

Also we learned the POLICE authority did not detain him. Also we learn, that BAD ELEMENTS make accusations about the "sincerity of the case". Interesting handling of a case like this. The last sentence could be understood as "could not find him, case closed".

Wasn't there another case a few years ago quite similiar to this?

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