Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lao diplomats are fast - at least in cars

This is the story of the year: BOC asks Laos Embassy to justify importation of 3 exotic sports cars .
It seems that the Lao Embassy in the Philippines tried to import a Ferrari Spider and 2 (!)  Lamborghini Aventadors, claiming these are diplomat cars. Or better not claiming anymore. Because, regarding to the newspapers report "Since they arrived on Nov. 28, nobody has come forward to claim the cars after BOC agents questioned why diplomats would buy fast cars as their service vehicles."

Ferrari f430 SpiderFerrari f430 Spider by Axion23, on Flickr

Just in case you are wondering where all the money goes that is so much needed in Laos and its rural areas - its needed to put diplomats on the fast track...

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