Thursday, January 3, 2013

Metal Destruction II Concert at Mark Two

I case you are not a big fan of traditional Lao music or you just want to take a break from it after all the New Year parties in your neighbourhood, this event might give you a different perspective of the Lao music scene.

Relatively unknown to foreigners (and even many Lao people), there is a quite active and vibrant Metal scene in Vientiane. Wind West Pub was famous for Dark Metal concerts, and it seems that Mark Two (right behind the Mercure hotel) is the new place to go for some the friends of the Prince of Darkness.

So here is the event information

Saturday January 12th, 1pm (yes early afternoon)

At Mark Two Pub

For more info and reserve the ticket call: 020 23040 666

Band List:
 1. Sapanakith (Laos)
2. Dictator (Laos)
3. Killerz Virginal (Laos)
4. Carnivora ( Thailand)
5. Hereafter ( Malaysia)
6. Killing Fields (Thailand)
7. Psychotrain (Thailand)

Ticket Price: 65,000kip+1 beer (at door) 55.000kip for pre-order+beer+poster

To get an idea what to expect, here some videos:
Carnivora (Thailand)

Hereafter (Malaysia)


  1. This is awesome! It pleases me to know that SEA has a blossoming Metal scene! It has surely died over here in the United States.

  2. Sorry I accidentally deleted your recent comment...