Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Help aka money needed for the Animal Rescue Center Laos

So the good news is we found a place for the Animal Rescue Center Laos, a beautiful piece of land, large enough to take also the horses in, with a new small house, a lake and a lot of space to set up kennels.

What is needed now, is money. We need donations to pay the rent, to buy construction material and food for the animals. We can't pay that just by ourself (we are just 4 people anyway right now and pay a lot already). We NEED you.

Please use our donation boxes at
Dr. Khamdengs Vet Clinic, 
Lao Garden Restaurant, 
Suite 21 bar and
Diethelm Travel (Nam Phou Square).

 Or use bank transfer

Bank Name: Banque Franco Lao Ltd. (BFL)
Account number: 00106962110101
Account holders name: Animal Rescue Center Laos Sole Ltd.

Or Paypal through our website

Or just contact me and you can handover money to me. We are also looking for construction material donations, like fence, poles, electric cable...


  1. Thomas, what's the address of this center?

    1. We dont have the adress yet, we hope to sign the contract this week

  2. So can we mail materials, animal foodstuffs, etc? I am iffy about sending money at the moment(serious recession here in America). I would love to help.

  3. Dear Upper Room, right now we are setting up the center. It doesn't make sense to mail material since we can get it here cheaper and without shipping costs. Also food is available here. That's why we were asking for money, because then we can buy stuff locally. Anyway, we need stuff like food bowls, plastic containers for storage, leashes, collars, cat toilets, any kind of plastic bags for garbage...