Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fish soup Lao style

Just achieved another goal: Making fish soup Lao style (Sup pa). Lets start with the ingredients:
1 whole fresh fish fresh from the market, killed and cleand, but not cut
Spring onion
cherry tomatoes
Pak nag thu (look a bit like basil)
Mak nam (looks like something between cucumber and green eggplant)
Fish sauce
Fresh chili

Bring 1.5 liter to boil, add seasoning and ginger. Let it boil for 10 minutes.In the meantime cut the fish into 4-5 cm wide slices. Add to the soup, and let it boil. You can also add the roots of the coriander, gives it more taste. Cut Chili and add to the soup. Cut the Mak nam and add as well. Let it boil on medium heat, but do NOT stir. Wait another 10 minutes. Add fish sauce and salt to taste. Add then tomatoes (whole or in quarters), spring onion and Pak Nang Thu. Let is boil some more 5 minutes.
You can add kaffir lime leafs if you like. Can be served with steamed rice on the side.

Thanks to my friend Noy, who showed me how to make it.

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