Friday, March 16, 2012

Jobs you better not apply for

So you have experience in general office work, you are fluent in written and spoken Lao and English, you can work autonomously and you have excellent command of Microsoft Office applications - and you are looking for a job. Best places to look for is or Since skilled workers are rare in Laos, all companies offer you a lot - airconditioned office, health insurance, cantine, teambulding, nice co-workers. All companies? No: One just goes the other way. They published an ad that says:
Requirements: Home computer Internet connection Printer Car
Location: Work from home but must be in Sisattanak District, Vientiane This company does not only business consulting (might be experts in cost reduction), but also marketing and it-consulting - stuff that of course doesn't need any constant input from co-workers. What we learned: The demand for skilled labor is high, so you can dictate the rules - not the company that wants to hire you.

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