Monday, March 5, 2012

Controversial article about Vang Vieng, but worth reading

CNNGo has an article about the tubing scence in Vang Vieng, and it is worth reading.
Magic mushroom shake? Opium pizza? Bucket of whiskey anyone? Welcome to Vang Vieng, former traditional farming village, now hot point of drugs, booze, techno and partying and Laos’ hottest backpacker haunt. The rise -- perhaps that should be fall -- of this town sitting on the Nam Song River and surrounded by beautiful karst scenery, has been dramatic, and its notoriety has spread far. You are more likely to see topless tourists vomiting than you are local culture and it has been written: “If teenagers ruled the world, it might resemble Vang Vieng.” It has hit the headlines most dramatically in recent months for the deaths of at least two Australian tourists while tubing on its river. Lee Hudswell and Daniel Eimutis both lost their lives while taking part in the town's most popular activity. So what is it really like to spend a few days here?
I do not agree with the point, that backpackers are good for local income - the same would be true for brothels or bauxite mines. But in general it is an interesting insight about the stupidity of people we thought would be well educated.

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