Saturday, March 3, 2012

Another goal for China

China is already building the villas for the heads of state for the EU-ASEAN summit in November, and they now claimed another piece of premium real estate: the abandoned area opposite Mahosot hospital on the river site.

It reminds me of old western movies, when the gold diggers claimed their land with markers: nowadays the use fences. Blue at Kouviang road, white at riverside.
Rumormill is spinning fast wht will happen there, but so far it seems it will be just a make up for the summit, bacaus the area looks a bit shabby to be presented to the world leaders.
So the question is, why does a Chinese company develop the place?I haven't seen a public bit for it, so it is either a donation by the great people of China or it is part of larger deal, or it will be just a placeholder until the end of the summit. Maybe for another shopping mall?

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