Friday, January 13, 2012

UPDATE Nam Phou Square construction

So finally the government stepped in and put the construction at Nam Phou Squareon hold. In a meeting a few days ago authorities explained different drafts for a modified construction around Vientiane's landmark. The version that got consens between people in charge are two one floor buildings facing the street while in the back only two kiosk style stalls are allowed. The fountain will remain at the same place. It may be too late for the restaurants who are basically blocked by the green construction fence. The downside is that the parking slots will be removed. That will increase the bad situation, and I ask myself when they will realize that more buildings and attractions will - drumroll - attract people. And that means more CARS. I heard that now a french (!) company will conduct kind of a feasibility study about underground parking. From what I remember from Vietnam, it is a difficult task to get this done in downtown where the traffic is already on the edge.

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