Sunday, January 15, 2012

Filmcamp Cambodia March 24th

So this is big news: Cambodia will have its own Filmcamp this year. When I organized the one in Laos, I was more than happy that my friends Sithen and Rithea from Phnom Penh showed up and learned about the concept. It paid of, because once they returned they immediately started organizing their own Filmcamp. and here we go: will be on March 24th at the Canadia Tower in Phnom Penh, starting from 8am until.. it's finished :-) You can register now.. This is the program so far: Morning 8:00 am: Introduction about filmcamp Announcement schedule – class: 8:30 am 9:15am : 1st Class (30mn- 1 hours) (5 rooms) 10:am-10:30mn: Snack 11:00am : 2nd class (30-1 hours) (5 rooms) 11:00am : Screening (Chaktomouk Short Film Contest) 12:00am : Lunch break: (need to be confirm) Guitar Damour, Pizza, zaman) Afternoon 13:00pm : Hall – (Ice Breaker) (Angkoor) 13:45pm : Announce afternoon session 3rd Class : 14:00pm (30mn-1 hours) (5 rooms) 14:30pm : 4th Class 15:00pm – 16:00pm : Forum/Debate 16:00pm : CSP (Music video) + Sai/Dance/talk/snack 16:45pm : Closing Ceremony, Thank, Photo. 17:00pm : End.

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