Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fiora: Small restaurant with good and cheap Japanese food in Vientiane

Sorry for the SEO title, but this place is worth it. You may have passed by a garage near VIS, watching and white haired older guy sitting outside a garage, and you may have wondered if this is his private party place or something public. Well it is the latter. "Fiora" is the last name of owner Dennis, who is running that place with his Lao wife. She was training by a Japanese chef, and that's why they made the decision to not open yet another restaurant serving spaghetti bolognese, burger, laab and omelette, but offer something different. It is not yet the Fuji standard, but it is quite reasonable, in particular for the price. I ordered a chicken katsu, it came with an excellent miso soup, kimchi and a bowl of rice, and I just payed 30.000 KIP. CHICKEN KATSU Dennis is in Laos since 16 years, so he knows where he is and how the competition is. He is open everyday, and you get some Japanese dishes (Tofu steak is also recommended), some tempura and french fries as well. Oishi tea and Beer Lao are available. If you live around VIS, give it a try. It could become a nice place for expats to hang around. To go there, just pass by VIS and see it ahead on the left side of the street after 70 meters.

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