Monday, February 13, 2012

What if your staff is sick?

This is just an example, and i think it can happen in every company where the foreign owners and managers are not present every time. Today, at Joma, one staff was pressing her hand against the right site of her belly. I asked her if she has pain and she said yes, since yesterday. Judging from her face expression, it is a lot of pain. She bows over every 2 minutes. I told her to go to the hospital, but she says she want to wait until her shift is finished. I asked her if she told her supervisor. No, she said, she didn't dare So i did. The supervisor was very surprised to learn one staff is sick, although she was working with her all morning. It was obvious that the waitress was is very sick I tried to explain if it is a appendix infection, it can be life threatening to wait to long for a hospital visit. The supervisor then agreed and let her go.. will check later how she is doing..UPDATE: She went to the doctor and received treatment, her co-workers told me. They said she is fine..

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