Sunday, February 12, 2012

Neighbors talk

had a serious argument with my korean neighbor. she doesn't care much about her dog, no water during the day for example, so the dog always comes to my place when outside. yesterday i discovered the dog had a cut at her paw and was bleeding. I gave betadin, took the dog back to her house and told the husband to see a doctor with the dog. Today the dog came back to my house, untreated. I cleaned the wound again, and when the Korean bitch came, I explained her (she speaks Lao), but she didnt listen and insisted to get her dog back (I never keep the dog, by the way, she is frre to go if she wants or the owner asked for her). So I told her she needs to losten first about the status of her dog, but she went nuts and tried to open my gate. I then took the dog out as usual and told her again the dogs isn't well. She kept shouting, and called someone. some
months before she threw a puppy away and didn't even pick ip the cadaver when it was in fill decay and stinking. #meanwhileinLaos

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  1. What a bitch! Can you rescue the dog?? I'll take it!!