Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cross cultural understanding promotion in Laos

My Lao teacher came to me and told me about writing an essay with the topic above. We went into a chat about what Cross cultural understanding means.
For me, it is the respect of others cultural background. It also means, that if you live in different country, you have to be a bit open about different cultural behavior.

After one year, I can speak Lao on a very basic level, but at least I can, I know how to cook sticky rice and laap as well as Bamboo soup, I went to a Lao wedding, to my neighbors birthday, a Lao friends birthday and celebrated Pi Mai with our Lao neighborhood. I don't say I am an expert in Lao culture, but I try to adapt a bit and to learn. That does not mean that I will forget where I am coming from.

So what about the other culture? Are my Lao friends enjoying foreigner parties and food? Unfortunately not that much. It seems that especially food is an issue. I am not talking about German food, even Vietnamse food seems to be an obstacle. My friends stay with their food. And with their Lao music. And with their language. It seems still hard to get closer as a foreigner.

I still don't give up.


  1. I'm pretty open about culture as you may already know.
    Life is too short to stick into one thing, init? :)

  2. Of course I wasn't talking about you or anyone specific, it was more a general observation :-)