Thursday, May 5, 2011

Coffee shop stories Part II

Hell. Herbalife!!!! Help!

Ok it seems the virus spread from Vietnam to Laos now. I saw the first guys with Herbalife T-Shirts today in my favorite coffee shop. For those who don't know the scheme: Herbalife provides you with pretty useless yet expensive powder and call it kind of nutrition supplements. If you eat regular, you don't need it. But more important than the products is the Multi-Level-Marketing behind it. That means, they want you as a consumer becoming a seller. And that"s the point: You will not make a lot of money unless you become a very annoying person who sells this stuff to all friends and family - and try to recruit more sellers. So my advice: Don"t even think about buying or selling this product.

Students and business people
It seems that Joma is targeting only foreigners, since they don't have a Lao menu. But reality is different: Today I saw a lot of Lao students coming in, also many business men and women. The coffee shop office seems to get popular with Lao people as well - what isn"t surprising, since it was just a matter of time and availabilty of facilities. I just wonder how long it will take Joma to recognise this change in customers and offer a Lao menu (they never answered my e-mails, so I give up to ask them)

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