Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Places with best and worst service in Vientiane

Before I rate some places, just an explaination what means good and bad service for me: Good is when I get what I want and even more. Bad is when nobody is talking to me and when it is way below expactations. I usually expect more from a foreign owned restaurant because they should now better. Many times, they unfortunatly don"t.

Best service:
Joma Bakery
Pizza Company
Japan Tei (next to Novotel)
Scandinavian Bakery
Small room (crepe cafe)

Worst service:
Nos Japanese Restaurant
Khop Chai Deu
True Coffee 23 Singha

Of course, this list isn't complete. Feel free to comment !
Between, but still a long way to go:
Ansara Hotel
Lao Garden
Dao Fa
Sabeidee Cafe


  1. You should refine the criteria for good and bad. :)

    What does "nobody is talking to me" mean? It happened to me only in some smaller noodle shop, where the owners obviously did not know how to deal with me - but thats ok. In western-owned restaurants, ir never happens. Just my experience.

    Besides, I agree with your list, for the ones I know :)

    I would like to add the Swedish Baking house for best service. I usually get what I want in a good quality and service is neat. Even not too friendly, but I don't expect that.

  2. nobody talking to means if i am ignored. and yes, swedish was missing. khop chai deu and nos imprvoved over the time, while true singha remains bad, even if they try, its a management problem.