Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Great service at Tigo and Unitel: How to get Internet at home in Laos

About 6 month ago we subscribed to TIGO Internet, because that was the most affordable and fastest solution. We pay about 1 mill KIP for a 256/512 line, unlimited data transfer via Wimax. Unfortunatly, the performance declined steady in the last months, connections is getting slower and slower.
So I went to Unitels office today and ask for their offer. The staff there is very friendly and helpful served me immediately and explained me the different subscription models (I was asking for ADSL, they also offer 3G USB sticks). For 256/512 I pay only 400.000 KIP with Unitel, the setup will be free, the modem about 150.000 if I need one. The girl gave me a survey form, I filled it with name, phone number and a map where my house is, and she told me I will get a call within 5 days if they can technically provide ADSL at my home. Wow.

I went then to TIGO, initially for asking how to unsubscribe. After getting the answer from the person in charge (we know each other already from many visits) that I just have to fill a form and make an appointment when the can take the WIMAX antenna, I told him that I am somehow disappointed with TIGOs performance and price. He told me he know about that, and that Tigo will soon come up with better price model and also improve the connection. I was told they have problems with oversea connections. I was surprised again.

In both cases I met English speaking staff, what I don't expect. Also, they served me well and really competent. They knew exactly what they are talking about. In the TIGO case, he even admitted problems and explained me the reason.

I am still with Tigo on my phone, but if they not come up with a new price model in the next weeks, I switch to Unitel. Anyway, both companies did a great job in customer care.


  1. This is great I also had a look at UNITEL which was the only ISP that could seriously compete with Planet Max and the new WiMax box.. ( no cables just installation by yourself in 5 minutes)

    But there is a download ceiling limit is it? and the additional download fee per GB is quite high.. am i correct? This is what i calculated and the reason as to why between Unitel and Planet WiMax i chose Silver WiMax...
    At Planet they also explains the issues when there are any. They all speak english very well... did i miss anything.? I trust your IT expertise...

  2. Well, Thomas, I can tell you that their staffs only good for foreigner. If you're Lao like me, you'll be surprised how they provide customer service =(

  3. As a non-Lao, I also experienced so-so service at Unitel. But yes, they speak English. And in general, they want to help.

    I now use Unitel's 3G post-paid, with a 20GB download limit, after that its 90 kip per MB, which seems fine to me. Price: 450000 Kip per month. Modem is around 450000 as well from Talad Sao or slightly more from Unitel. Works fine, up to 3MBit Downstream, while the lag makes it hard to use it for internet phoning.