Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why NGOs so often fail - and why they should be start-ups

I will never become a fan of the multinational NGOs and also government sponsored agencies working in the developing field. Wht I experienced so far it is a waste of money. They may have a good intention, but they lack of executing, mainly because most of them are either academics or administration officers. for example if there is a project in improving rice quality, they spend a lot of money in research and papers ad studys before actually getting into the field. But it's easy to work like that, since money is just pouring in from donors.

What if NGOs would work like start-ups? Developing a business plan, getting money only from profits, just have a initial funding by VCs who want have a return of investment. If for example organic farming works on markets, then make a business, not a project. Get a 40 percent share and a veto right in a cooperative and start earning money.

As long as NGOs just give advise and waste donations for themselfs, there is no change. I hear many complaing about the Mekong damns, but haven't heard any solution where Laos should get energy from instead.

Western NGOs actually want keep developing countries kind of poor. There is no intention of developing economy, because they will become a competitor. Thats why so many are focusing on health care: No competion from there, and you can sell some pills from your countries pharma companies (as it happend in Cambodia).

Just some thought. Proof me wrong please

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