Monday, October 4, 2010

A Day for Compost

Got that from the LaoFab List and since I compost in my graden I would like to share this event:

A Celebration of Compost! *

What is special about compost?

• Making compost helps to recycle waste materials and reduce
• Composting improves the health of soils and the growth of plants
• Composting is a fun way of learning about ecology and respect for
our planet
• Composting can be an entry point for community development because
anybody can participate… young and old, rich and poor

What is planned for 10:10:10?

• A Celebration of Compost! A practical and informal meeting for
anybody who has experience or interest in composting
• Between 10am and midday on Sunday 10th October
• At the NGO Learning House in Naxay Village, Xaysettha District

What to bring?

• Yourself: your composting ideas and experience
• Copies of any training materials, photos or videos of composting
• Raw materials for starting a compost site!

What will we do?

• Share experience, including composting recipes, problems and
• Brainstorm ideas for new or expanded composting activities in
• Start a compost site at the NGO Learning house

Who is organising this event?

• The Celebration of Compost will be coordinated by CLICK – The
Coalition for Lao Information, Communication and Knowledge.
• Partners of CLICK include NAFRI, NAFES, PADECTC, SAEDA, GDG,
Helvetas, SNV, EDC
• Existing services of CLICK include, LaoLink and LaoFA

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