Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Animal Rescue Center event

Since I am part of the team for the Animal Rescue Center, expect some more posts here. This one is about our first event. On

DECEMBER 15th, starting from 7pm at Kong Khao restaurant

we want to give people a bit more information about our intention and plans. We also want to raise some fund, that's why we have a donation box and will conduct a small auction with gifts from people and companies we received.

We are looking right now for a cheap house with a huge garden, around Don Dok, where we can set up a temporary shelter. We later want to move all the equipment to a place where we can stay forever (a piece of land we want to purchase, we have someone who pays for it already).

In case you know a small house with some land around it, please let me know.


  1. Dear Mr. Wanhoff,
    I have seen today 3 small cats in Pakse/Laos in terrible condition? What can I do? Any aninal shelters around or vets existing here in Laos? Cant find anything. Please help quickly. Thanks, Joerg (Please just reply here, I watch this article again)

  2. The center is closed, sorry. Unfortunately there are thousands of cats like this in Laos. There are vets, like Dr. Khamdeng in Vientiane. Not sure about Pakse.