Wednesday, September 5, 2012

MIX - a new fancy place in the heart of Vientiane


Rumors where there a lot when suddenly Nam Phou Square was fenced of a year ago. Nobody knew anything, and both authorities and new owners failed to inform the public. Now, a year later, all concerns are gone. Nam Phou Square, or fountain place, in the heart of Vientiane, is more beautiful than ever, and got not only a nice facelift but also a restaurant.

MIX is a franchise from Thailand, with restaurants in Chang Mai and Bangkoks Terminal 21 shopping center. The concept is delicious Thai and Lao food, well presented in a fancy atmosphere.

Although the whole menu will be available a bit later, what is offered already gives more than hope. The presentation of the food is outstanding, haven't seen something like this beside La Silapa and occasionally at Ansara. Don't get me wrong: Most dishes are straight forward, stuff you expect in a Thai restaurant. Although the Salmon with spicy miso sauce might be an exeption.

Salmon with spicy miso sauce

MIX has two buildings, the left has a stage with live music every evening, the right one confortable leather sofas. Both buildings have a rooftop areas as well, with a nice view on Nam Phou.
MIX inside
The fountain itself has now some more water games and color-ful lights, expect the local and foreign photographer here soon for shootings.


What I like with MIX so far is that is a long needed modern restaurant. For those who want to sit on a plastic chair in a oh so authentic local place, there are hundreds already. But something a bit more upscale, that fits the need of the young middle class people, was not there for a long time. Too many places did't improve their interior, and the new ones just followed the old pub style.

So let's hope MIX can improve to it's full standards soon (give them a month), and the food will remain as good as it is right now.

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