Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thaksin today in Laos

Former Thai Prime minister Thaksin will arrive in Laos today to meet supporters from the north-east of Thailand, the Bangkok Post is reporting It is unclear how many so called red shirts will greet him in Vientiane. The number of 60.000 as it was spread in an expat forum sounds way to much for me, considering the capacities of the Lao and Thai border immigration. Also, there must be a booking for the national stadium as this is the only place to adress such a big crowd.
Anyway, as the Bangkok Post reported, the Lao government asked Thaksins supporters to not wear red shirts to avoid political trouble. I wonder what trouble they can cause here, but anyway.
I will check later if the city is in lockdown or if business is as usual. By the way, Thaksin will stay in the Lao Plaza hotel.

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