Monday, December 12, 2011

Looking for a job in Laos ?

My friend Keo launched today the JOB108 magazine and website. While the magazine will be published three times a month with 4000 copies, the website of course provides jobs 24/7 for everyine interested in human resources in Laos.
The magazine in black and white with some color pages provides job ads as well as advice for jobseekers, something that is really important in Laos. Since the basic idea of career isn't developed that much in this country, 108Job wants to fill the gap and being a bridge between employees and employers. So in case you have some job advertising or jou are looking for a job, give it a try. The magazine is just 5000 KIP, less than a Dollar. Advertising isn't that expensive either, just call the editors. More details given on the website

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