Monday, October 31, 2011

Take it easy cafe

I really really like coffee shops, you may have noticed that already. There is a new one in town, and I kinda felt in love with it (although it was closed when I came the first time). It was Sunday, I actually met someone in front of it, and the owner (a older Lao who lived in the US for a long time) was sitting with some friends outside. He told me that he has no staff for the Sunday, that's why he can't really open, but offered some water for free. We then were chatting for 3 hours. When I came back, I tried the ham and cheese croissant, and it is really good: They brought ham and cheese from Paris. It is not the most fancy place, it is not as cosy as Cafe Nomad, but it does have some charme. Free Wifi is a huge Plus for me, good coffee even more important. I also like it when the owner actually works there, and when it does have a local touch. Aircondition is available inside (outside it is a bit noisy). Location: The riverside road, pass by Don Chan Palace on the way out of town, then it is on the right side (next to Lobos, the not so good German restaurant). Opening hours 7 am to 8pm.

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