Thursday, September 15, 2011

So much changed - of course

I read an article here about someone coming back to Laos and so much changed. I hear this a lot, usually complains, but sometimes surprise. For me, it doesn't really matter how it was before. I first came to Laos 8 years ago travelling through Asia, but in my memory Nam Phou was not much different as today. Although I am a fairly visual person, I can't really recall details of Vientiane. And actually I don't really want. The exciting thing in Asia is to literally watch the development day by day. It is not all good, but no risk no fun. Despite the warnjngs the living standard increased in Laos. For sure many ways lead to Rome, but at least one you have to try. Vientiane will change a lot in the next years and the next years and the next year. I am looking forward what will happen. And what went wrong.

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