Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pi Mai (New Year) in Laos: One of the best parties ever

If there is something Lao people are really good at it, then it is having parties. Not only that January and February are considered "wedding season", when it comes to Pi Mai, nothing beats it. Nearly every house has it's own party, having music, beer, buckets full of water. Another advantage to live in a country with such a young population!

Today we went to the Mekong river, where Beer Lao and Namkhong Beer hat parties. The latter had a quite promising foam party, but it was actually boring. Not sure if (and why) they target families and kids, but this was mainly the audience.
Namkhong Party - for kids

In the meantime, just 300 meter up, was one of the best events I ever attended. Beer Lao had not only good DJs, but also a lot of water, thanks to a kind of sprinkler system and the guys with the water trucks. We got totally soaked, but the music was great and the people as well - Lao and foreigners.
Beer Lao party - thumbs up!

So the result is: Namkhong 0, Beer Lao 1. Let's see if there is any change in the next days. But what I now for sure is, that it is just a lot of fun to celebrate with the Lao people - whatever is to celebrate !

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