Saturday, November 6, 2010

Incubator for start ups in Laos

In the last days I was talking to several people about start ups and SMEs in Laos. Its clearly not the first thing that comes into mind when you hear Laos. But first of all, there are small conanies trying to start something new. Like Sinouk coffee and Xaoban, a yoghurt maker. I haven't found much for IT, beside Digital Divide Laos, a company I have to talk to soon.
So the idea of a hackerspace combined with what a friend, Marion, suggested, an incubator, could create something cool. It needs to be a physical space aka building. While I think IT would be the easiest business to start with, other entrepreneurs can join as well.
What has to be done first is spread the news. I will have a talk on on November 27th about this topic. Let's see what we get out of that. Comment here or contact me on facebook or twitter (thomaswanhoff) for further discussions.

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